Easy Meatloaf Recipes to Simplify Your Life

You have a busy life. We all do. Very few of us have time to plan elaborate dinners every night of the week. Meatloaf may not be a glamorous meal, but is satisfying, and can be healthy at times. It is also easy to fix, and it is something your family and friends would eat … Continue reading “Easy Meatloaf Recipes to Simplify Your Life”

You have a busy life. We all do. Very few of us have time to plan elaborate dinners every night of the week. Meatloaf may not be a glamorous meal, but is satisfying, and can be healthy at times. It is also easy to fix, and it is something your family and friends would eat for dinner. For pure alliteration, we suggest that you have Meatloaf on Mondays, and we will call it Meatloaf Monday. If you observe Meatless Monday, then pick a different day. However, Meatloaf Thursday just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Once you have chosen a day, you will need some Easy Meatloaf Recipes to get started. Try choosing four or five meatloaf recipes, so each week of the month is a little different.


Meal planning takes a lot of time and effort. Eating out all the time gets expensive, plus you have the hassle of choosing a restaurant, driving across town to the latest trendy place, only to find out that their pasta tastes like shoelaces. Meatloaf is simple. If you commit to one night a week to have meatloaf at home, you don’t need to drive all over town, and the cost is very reasonable. In most cases, you can prepare it ahead of time, and just pop it in the oven when you come home from work.

Here is an Easy Meatloaf Recipe for the busy cook who wants to keep it simple, or the inexperienced cook who needs some guidance. Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a great meatloaf next Monday.

1/2 Cup chopped onion
1/3 Cup Milk
1/4 Cup Bread Crumbs
1 egg, beaten
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar (for topping)
3/4 Cup Catsup (for topping)

• Set your oven to 350o to start preheating it for baking.

• Get a medium to large mixing bowl and put the ground beef in the bowl.

• Using a large knife, slice one small onion or about half of a large onion. After slicing the onion, chop the rings into small pieces about ¼ to ½ inches long. When the onion is chopped, measure ½ cup and put it in the bowl with the meat.

• Measure out 1/3 Cup Milk, ¼ Cup Bread Crumbs and 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce and put them in the bowl with the meat.

• Break an egg into a small bowl, beat it with a wire whisk (or a fork) until the yolk and the white are blended together. Pour the egg into the bowl with the meat.

• Now the fun part – use your hands to blend all the ingredients together to form a loaf. It should stick together well, and it will look like a small loaf of bread. If it is not sticking together, add a little more bread crumbs, but go sparingly, as too many bread crumbs will make it too dry. Place the loaf into a loaf pan (these pans are sometimes used for making bread).

• Combine 3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar and ¾ Cup Catsup in a small bowl. Blend them together with a wire whisk (or a fork) until it is a smooth mixture and you can no longer see the Brown Sugar. Spread this mixture over the loaf you formed above.

• Place in oven and bake at 350o for 45 minutes.

• When it is cooked, remove from the oven and let it set for about 5 minutes, then drain any excess juice from the pan before removing the meatloaf.

Look for a website that has several good recipes for meatloaf with simple, easy to understand instructions. One of my favorites is a Healthy Meatloaf Recipe with Turkey and Spinach. While I love the traditional meatloaf recipes, this one is delicious, and it is healthier. Experiment with different easy meatloaf recipes to see which one you like best. The good part is that none of them are bad – they are all delicious and easy to make.

You may want an Easy Meatloaf Recipe with Oatmeal instead of using Bread Crumbs; or you might like more traditional Meatloaf Recipe with Pork and Beef. It is important to try them all to see what you like. After a while, you can experiment with various seasonings to find what tastes best to you and your family. A little thyme or some oregano might tantalize the taste buds of your family.

If you really want to simplify your life, make the commitment today to have meatloaf once a week. It takes minimal planning, and you often have all the ingredients you need right in your kitchen. Use a good grade of meat, and choose a good recipe to get you started. Most Easy Meatloaf Recipes take about a half hour to prepare, and an hour or so to cook. You can make the side dishes and set the table while it is cooking.

Side dishes are important. Depending on the season, we suggest a tossed salad with fresh green beans and potatoes in the spring and early summer. Corn-on-the cob is good with Cole slaw, and you can serve canned vegetables in the winter, such as corn, beans or peas.

Make up your mind, and get started today. Keep it simple. Let’s make Meatloaf Monday a tradition.

Bob Stewart.

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Slow Cooking – How to Pick Your First Easy Crockpot Recipes

If you are a mom or a dad that works all day and come back tired from work, and still care about the food your family eats and wish to do anything so you can provide them with the most healthy and enjoyable food, than slow cooking is your solution.

Crockpot Recipes

Slow cooking is a modern way to cook traditional recipe in even a more healthy way! Have you ever wished for a dish that cooks by itself without having you staring and checking on it? Keep everything warm for your kids when they get back from school? And not only that! The food produced can save you from preparing the meals of the three coming days! If that’s the case than a set of easy crockpot recipes is the tool you need.
This cooking method is based on a proven way of healthy cooking, as a Moroccan, in my country we use this a lot in special days lunch meals which include meat mostly, we don’t use a crockpot as you know it now but some alternate traditional dishes, and the result is fabulously tasty trust me. The thing about slow cooking is that it takes time as the word slow shows it, it takes hours to have your recipe prepared as it cooks with vapor using an average heat of 170 F – 200 F, but that’s also the advantage of it: you can just prepare your ingredients, mix them up, put everything together, put in the crockpot, and then forget about the whole thing! And in your return you have everything ready to feed your family with a healthy meal, how good is that?

To start slow cooking, you will need a crockpot if you do not have one already, when buying one of these you need to focus on some important characteristics to choose the one you need for your situations, because in the market you will find a lot of sizes and types to choose from.

How recipes are prepared in other types of cooking mostly do not fit as they are in the crockpot, usually they request some little modifications in the ingredients and also regarding the liquid amount, because crockpots use this liquid when vaporized to cook the content before returning once again into liquid form, this cyclic event does not only ensures the cooking of your recipes ingredients but also dispatches in a perfect way the flavors existing in your liquid on the whole content parts, so before you can achieve enough experience to personalise in ease your own recipes to fit in the crockpot it is highly advised to have a couple of easy crockpot recipes in hand so you can have a good successful start in your way mastering slow cooking.

How to pick your recipes is a very critical question, sometimes people just go on and pick every recipes they find and say: “hey! lets have this for dinner today!”. But when getting into it, it might be so complicated to prepare or even to cook, that it might even end up in very dramatic way! We are talking here about cases of potential poisoning if the ingredients are not cooked as they need to be! So be very careful with that, if you cant cook your favorite dishes just now, try getting used to slow cooking first with some easy ones, an easy crockpot recipe is a recipe that don’t require much effort to find ingredients, to prepare it, and to cook it, and even if you did some little mistakes with instructions or modified them a little bit, it still remains an awesome great and tasty recipe.

As this might request some hardcore research, to find the good recipes that fit for your situation and taste, and in the same time that are well rated and known by people, maybe you should have in hand a website or a book with all that in it, this way you won’t be bothered that much about the manner of how to get your hand on these recipes, slow cooking is about saving time! so don’t ruin this great advantage by wasting it looking and investigating for some easy crockpot recipes, just look somewhere where its all accessible for you, even buying the whole ingredients with a single click on the net now is becoming something real soon! So keep an eye on the news out there!

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Where to Find the Best Vegetarian Recipes!

any people are turning vegetarian for a healthy lifestyle and a fit body. Some turn to macrobiotic diet which balances a person’s physical and mental condition by utilizing foods that energy and are high in nutrition.

Vegetarian Recipes

Macrobiotic diet also helps in healing the diseases. In day to day life people often get confused that what should they eat and where can they find good vegetarian recipes? To overcome this you should keep on upgrading your knowledge about various recipes all over the world so that you are never in a dilemma or quandary.

There are various places wherein you can keep checking for the best vegetarian recipes. The first place is to check your own recipe box as in you can certainly find some very good recipes in your home cook’s repertoire. You can also replace meat in some meat recipes or you can adapt that recipe by some vegetarian items. For e.g.: In Chicken tikka masala, chicken can be replaced by paneer. Thus by some experimentation and alterations you can discover many delicious recipes.

Another place where you can get good vegetarian recipes is some vegetarian friends who can help you in overcoming this situation. They can tell you their menu and their favourite dishes and you can get various recipes from them as they possess impressive variety of vegan recipes which are tasty as well as time tested. You can also find various delectable, yummy dishes on the internet. You can browse various websites offering variety of vegan dishes. Internet is a great medium or a tool in finding the recipes as you can find thousands of good vegan recipes in the comfort of your home. Many people also share their best recipes on the net.

There are many cookery books of various vegetarian dishes available in the market; you can buy one as per your liking. They prove to be valuable resources in making up a vegetarian meal plan. Various vegetarian authors have penned or compiled down many recipes in different books. They have done trial and error and lots and lots of research into a compilation of tasty recipes to try at home. In these books you can get helpful information about living a vegetarian and healthy lifestyle. You can also get ideas for meat-free substitutions and ideas for more cooking from these books.

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Slimming Recipes Are The Best Way To Lose Weight

You will naturally want to eat good healthy food and enjoy nice slimming recipes, but perhaps you are confused by all the health information and diet fads out there. There is no need for confusion because eating healthy food is actually very simple. Ignore all the diet fads and complex calculations for what you are supposed to include in your meals. These do not work, and they are bound to be passed over in favour of the new diet fad around the corner before long. The problem is that once the extreme system is over, you just go back to your previous lifestyle and the weight comes straight back on.


What you need to do is find healthy slimming recipes that you can gradually incorporate into your diet a little at a time. Replace one meal of your diet every week with a new slimming recipe made from good foods that are nutritious, delicious, and will help you achieve your weight loss goals. If you do it properly, you will not feel like you are denying yourself at all. You will find the pounds melting away and you will feel good about yourself and full of energy.

The slimming recipes themselves are easy to find. Recipe books are available all over the place, and there are a host of fantastic recipes available absolutely free on the internet. In your searches, make sure to avoid any recipes that are related to any diet fads. What you are looking for are low calorie, low fat meals that will provide you with nutrient rich foods that can provide you with vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, and antioxidants. These foods will help you feel better and achieve an optimum state of health.

Also look for foods that are especially filling without loading you up with extra calories. Whole wheat foods in slimming recipes are especially good for this purpose, especially whole wheat oats, which have been shown to help in weight loss and to reduce risk factors associated with heart disease and diabetes. If you feel fuller for longer you will be able to stick to your meal plan and achieve your healthy weight, melting off those pounds and impressing your friends and relatives with how good you look and how much energy you have.
Snacks can also be replaced with healthier foods in order to help you slim down and achieve good health. Instead of potato chips, you might want to try a bowl of peas in some melted low fat canola oil margarine. Or instead of a chocolate bar, try reaching for a banana. Both these snacks are very economical, not to mention delicious and very nutritious.

Once you get used to it, making healthier food choices is a snap. Look for good recipes and include them in your weekly meal plans one at a time. You’ll find that you are slimming down and feeling really good about yourself. The benefits are a longer life, more energy, not to mention a slimmed down body that all your friends will be jealous of. You can feel good about yourself when you eat healthy food, so take the plunge and enjoy good food and love life.


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Quick and Easy Chicken Salad Recipes For Kids

I was searching some cookbooks recipes for easy chicken salad recipes when I came across this simply delicious one. I have been experimenting the chicken recipes for years and finally I have found most amazing one. This delicious easy salad recipe is really easy to prepare and you can make sandwiches using it. It is perfect for kid’s lunch or friends gathering. My kids love this very much and you can substitute with tuna or meet if desired. It is very simple yet elegant.

Chicken Salad

It would never fail to fetch compliments for you and most of them would request for this chicken salad recipe. If you are looking for an easy chicken salad recipe, try this out now.

Chicken Salad Sandwiches
– 3 well cooked chicken breasts, finely chopped
– 1 stalks celery, chopped
– 2 green onions, chopped
– 1/2 cup grapes, seedless and halved
– 3/4 cup cranberries, dried
– 3/4 cup of salad dressing
– 2 tablespoon coleslaw dressing
– 1 teaspoon paprika
– salt and black pepper to taste

Mix everything together and chill for an hour at least before serving. You can serve it on bread or croissants or even lettuce leaves. It also tastes good when placed in pita pockets/ hollowed tomato cups.
You may have searched many cookbooks recipes, even I have but I have not come across a cookbook, which has all good recipes. Few of them are even very difficult and time consuming to make. But all and it would love this easy chicken recipe save you from the hassle of searching cookbooks recipes for chicken salad recipe.

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